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Since the passage of the National Cancer Act in 1971, our nation has made great progress in reducing the burden of cancer. It was reported in February 2005 that cancer deaths in the United States have declined - for the first time since 1930, the year our country began compiling statistics on the disease's toll. The numbers were modest yet historic: 369 fewer people died from cancer in 2003 than in 2002.

Today's progress against cancer is the result of enhanced prevention strategies, along with earlier detection and better treatment - all made possible by years of dedicated intramural and extramural research.

While we have much more to learn about this complex disease, our increased understanding of cancer at the genetic, molecular, and cellular levels is opening up enormous opportunities to interrupt the initiation and development of the disease.

The National Cancer Institute's research programs are extensive and contain many innovative initiatives. I invite you to explore our Web site to find out more about the exciting work being conducted here at NCI and by NCI-supported scientists throughout the country.

You will also find valuable cancer-related information of all kinds. For the general public, patients, and health professionals, we offer consumer-oriented information on a wide range of topics as well as comprehensive descriptions of our research programs and clinical trials. Scientists will find detailed information on specific areas of research interest and funding opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in cancer research and the NCI.

John E. Niederhuber, M.D.
Director, National Cancer Institute
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